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Concealed Carry Skills

Many have asked us for a “skills” class and/or a concealed carry class, and we have wanted to have such a combined class for quite some time. Unfortunately, the legal landscape in the state seems to be shifting all the time, permit-wise, so we were hoping to cover what we anticipated might be necessary in the coming months. Fortunately, most anti-gun legislation was neutralized or defeated, enough to finally offer a more substantive class where the necessary permit can be applied for after completion.


There are many “concealed carry” classes offered locally that take you through the particulars of firearms safety, and a few good instructors go over the incredible responsibility of bringing a firearm to bear in an emergency — all in a classroom situation.  A fair number of participants I have talked to were simply there to gain the certificate that would allow them to apply for their concealed carry license.


This will not be that class.


There are skills required to responsibly use deadly force that cannot be taught anywhere but at a range with your own firearm using live ammo.  Thinking that you will be prepared “when the time comes” is a recipe for disaster for you and everyone around you.


This is why we want to offer a class that gives you both knowledge to keep yourself safe and practical skills to keep everyone else safe — and effectively protect yourself from threats.


If you are a beginner and still want to acquire these skills, and be prepared for your application for a concealed carry license, don’t feel like you need to have high proficiency before you can take this class.  Our philosophy is that we’d rather have you learn skills correctly right away than have to “unlearn” bad habits later.


Our instructor is a very experienced firearms expert within the local law enforcement community who has real-world perspective everyday citizens can use.  He is a tremendous resource to take advantage of.  His course is endorsed by the Coos County Sheriffs Office and local chiefs of police, so it’s definitely applicable to your needs.


Instruction like this will not be cheap, but you will get what you paid for.  This class will take most of the day and will be hands-on.  If you decide you want this type of instruction (or not), please respond and let us know — either way, it helps us craft classes more suited to everyone’s needs.


The agenda for this class will include but is not limited to:


>  the safety aspects of managing a firearm, including the four cardinal rules of gun safety and what they mean;


>  basics of handling your handgun, including grip, stance, working the slide, manipulating the trigger, loading and unloading, etc.;


>  conversations on gear, setup for different body types and methods of carry; usage of a flashlight;


>  legalities of concealed carry, including when you can, should, or should not use your pistol, and the aftermath of when you’re forced to; working with police:


>  assessing threats and responses;


The hands-on portion will go into more depth on the fundamentals of shooting your firearms with personalized instruction and takeaways for you to practice.  Common mistakes in gun safety will be addressed.


Finally, the range portion will contain drills for improving your skills and keeping you sharp.  Safety rules for ranges will be discussed and followed.


This class is scheduled for Saturday, July 13th at 10:00 at Tioga Sports Park.  The price for the course is $165 for this all-day class, paid in advance.  If you compare similar classes with a hands-on component, you will find this is an absolute bargain.  It is not a big money maker for Tioga but more of a public service; we are essentially offsetting costs.


You will need, at a minimum:


  • your firearm that you intend to use for concealment purposes; this should be a firearm you’re already familiar with and can practice comfortably with;
  • at least 100 rounds of ammo for that gun, preferably more;
  • a small but effective “tactical” or emergency handheld flashlight;
  • eye and ear protection; hats are strongly recommended;
  • a notebook and writing implement;
  • lots of fluids and a lunch;
  • an open mind.


If you’re not sure about what firearm, ammo, or flashlight to bring, or have not acquired any of these yet, please note that up front so we can get back with you with recommendations.


Even if you decide not to take the class or can’t take it for some reason, we’d still like to hear from you either way — your feedback helps us tailor other offerings.  Thanks.


Any other questions, please ask using our contact page.  Thanks, and hope to talk with you soon.

Donations can be mailed to:

Tioga Sports Park

P.O. Box 293

Coquille, OR 97423