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Tioga Sports Park was an idea born well over a decade ago as a group of forward thinking outdoor enthusiasts realized that Oregon's South Coast had a firearms challenge. There was no place to safely shoot! This realization culminated in a small but dedicated band of men who set about to remedy the situation and create a place for hunters, target shooters, families and others to have a destination to safely recreate with firearms in a family friendly environment.

No longer would members of our community need to be limited by access to private and public land, forced to find remote, isolated areas with uncertain and unsafe backdrops. No more reason for the outdoors, both public and private to be littered with old targets, discarded shell casings, empty drink containers, and other refuse that currently mar the landscape. No more high powered projectiles flying in any and all directions causing conflicts with private landowners and others who want to use the public spaces for different and sometimes incompatible recreational activities.

This group would set out to create an environment that was well constructed, meeting national safety guidelines; incorporating state of the art backstops; sturdy, safe shooting platforms; public restrooms; and designated parking. In order to ensure the family atmosphere existed and was maintained there would be areas for spectators to safely watch, lighting for the parking and shooting areas, picnic tables for eating and talking, an on-site caretaker to ensure cleanliness, and a cadre of well-trained Range Safety Officers to safeguard all who came to shoot.

The South Coast of Oregon had a problem and these men saw the solution.  Therefore, this long and winding road has led to where we are at today. Although some have passed on and some have left for other pursuits, this core group is continuing to press ahead with a single minded purpose-the construction and operation of the Tioga Sports Park Association, located in Coos County, Oregon.

The association's mission for this project is to encourage safe hunting methods with education, offer NRA firearms training programs, provide law enforcement agencies with training facilities and discourage shooting in areas where lands are posted or unsafe for shooting or hunting activities.


Donations can be mailed to:

Tioga Sports Park

P.O. Box 293

Coquille, OR 97423